Secure your place in Singapore’s Digital Economy

Secure a tech job, enjoy full financial sponsorship, and unlock your digital potential with us in the January 2024 cohort.

The future is digital. Join our accelerated ‘hire, place and train’ programme, supported by Infocomm Media Development Authority, Singapore (IMDA).

Partner Organizations for the January 2024 Cohort are Temus and GovTech.

Unlock your digital career potential

“Tech workers with highly specialised skills continue to be in demand, such as in software development, cloud management, cybersecurity and data science. This comes as no surprise as technology has become a critical part of every industry. It is increasingly relied upon to drive innovation, productivity, and competitiveness.”

Josephine Teo, Minister for Communications and Information, Singapore (The launch of Step IT Up, January 2023)

Earn more

Tech talent in Singapore commanded 1.6 times the overall median resident wages in 2021.
(IMDA, 2022)

Be in demand

Tech jobs in Singapore grew from 155,000 to 195,000 from 2017 to 2021.
(IMDA, 2022)

Create value

Digitally-transformed enterprises will account for more than half of global GDP.
(IDC, 2021)

Level-up productivity

Singapore companies unlocked 25% more value-added and 16% more productivity with tech.
(Singapore’s Ministry of Trade and Industry, 1Q 2019)

What is Step IT Up?

“Temus launched Step IT Up in Singapore with the aim of training fresh graduates and mid-career professionals, with those without prior training or experience in mind, and helping them secure digital and technology roles in the next few years.”

KC Yeoh, Chief Executive Officer, Temus (Channel NewsAsia, August 2022)

No prior tech training / background needed

Accelerated four-month talent conversion for non-techies.

Full-time tech jobs guaranteed for graduates

1,100+ graduates secured tech roles in leading global companies.

Launch your tech career

~90% of Step IT Up graduates secured and stayed in their tech roles for over two years.

Who are we looking for?

“Anyone can apply. We believe that beyond academic grades and credentials, what will enable anyone to succeed in Step IT Up are – learning agility and the right motivation to be a part of Singapore’s digital transformation journey.”

Srijay Ghosh, Founding Member & Chief Revenue Officer, Temus (CNA 938Live, September 2022)

“I chose to transition into tech due to its huge potential for growth and Temus’ Step-IT-Up programme stood out from the rest due to its place-and-train curriculum, valuable support, and structured programme!”

Melissa Chua (36)
Former Freelance Editor / Content Strategist

“Apart from the financial assurance, more importantly the fact that graduates are guaranteed a job in an exciting tech startup means that they’re going to get the most important learning opportunity there is, getting to hone their skills in an actual professional setting.”

Soh Wen Ming (40)
Former Session Musician and in F&B Operations

“I felt confident joining this programme, as I knew that the curriculum would be translated into real skills required at the workplace!”

Christopher Jia Hao Tan (37)
Former Optometrist

“As someone whose highest qualification is a diploma and without relevant certifications, I was not bold enough to venture to technology – up till now, that is. I’ve always imagined the programme to be fast paced, so in a sense it is everything I imagined it to be and more!”

Muhamad Farhan Bin Samsuri (29)
Former Service Operations Lead

What will you learn?

Trainees undergo an accelerated, full-time programme to acquire and apply an interdisciplinary range of skills, knowledge and dispositions in technical languages and competencies, social and team dynamics, supported by professional coaches and mentors throughout the journey.

Apply to Step IT Up

Temus, in partnership with GovTech, aims to broaden digital opportunities, grow our digital workforce, and empower you to shape the digital future of Singapore and beyond.

*Please contact us at if you do not receive the email within 24 hours of the submission of your details.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Step IT Up programme

What is the Step IT Up programme?

Step IT Up is an accelerated talent conversion programme that aims to help people – without any background or prior training in coding and other computer science skills – with the training and opportunity to secure a role as a technology professional for Singapore.

Successful applicants of the January 2024 cohort will be trained for full-time Digital Business Analyst roles. Successful graduates will be employed by Temus, with some graduates to be assessed for potential full-time positions on GovTech teams1 after their one-year tenure with Temus.

1 – GovTech may forward deploy / second staff to other ministries and agencies in support of whole-of-government digitalisation needs and may rotate staff based on operational requirements.

Why should I sign up for the Step IT Up programme?

We are excited to partner with you to discover your potential, unlock career opportunities and forever transform your digital future. The Step IT Up programme has been set up for you to: (1) Build your digital capabilities, (2) Maximise your chances of success, (3) Receive sponsorship while training and (4) Secure a full-time job upon successful completion.

How long is the duration of the Step IT Up programme?

The Step IT Up programme will last over a period of four months, where successful applicants will undergo full-time skills training whilst receiving a competitive stipend.

Is Step IT Up a full-time programme?

Step IT Up is a full-time programme where classes will run from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on a daily basis for the duration of the programme.

Is Step IT Up accepting applicants who are not Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents (PR)?

The programme is currently only open to Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents (PR).

What support does Step IT Up provide to help me make the transition to becoming a technology professional?

Successful applicants will undergo a four-month full-time training programme that is designed to provide them with the skills and knowledge required to thrive in the role that graduates will be placed in upon completion of the programme. In addition to a full-time instructor who will deliver the course content, trainees will get to engage with industry practitioners and be supported by a full-time coach, who will also serve as a mentor to our trainees.

Application and Selection Process

Is there an application fee or course fee?

No, there are no fees associated with applying for and participating in the programme.

I do not have an undergraduate degree or a background in coding. Can I still apply for the Step IT Up programme?

An undergraduate degree is not a prerequisite to join the programme. You also do not need to have any prior experience or education in coding and other computer science skills.

I have prior training and/or experience in software programming. Can I still apply for the Step IT Up programme?

Candidates without prior formal background or education in computer science will be prioritised.

What kind of candidates will be selected for the Step IT Up programme?

While no prior experience or training in coding is required, a successful candidate is one who demonstrates learning agility, a passion for technology, and a desire and commitment to undergo the transition needed to become a technology professional.

What are the roles available upon successful completion of the Step IT Up programme?

Step IT Up programme graduates will join Temus in specific tech roles that they have been trained for. These may include software developers and data analysts, among others. Successful applicants of the January 2024 cohort will be trained for full-time Digital Business Analyst roles. Successful graduates will be employed by Temus, with some graduates to be assessed for potential full-time positions on GovTech teams after their one-year tenure with Temus.

Are the partnering organisations involved in the interviews and assessments?

Representatives from the partnering organisations will be involved with Temus during the initial interviews for programme placement. During the programme’s run, assessors from the partnering organisations will be involved to assess the candidate’s potential and suitability for deployment to the partnering organisations’ projects, where the 12 month deployment after classroom training serves as an opportunity for the partnering organisation to consider the candidate for potential recruitment.

When do applications open? How do I submit an application?

Applications for our January 2024 cohort are now open until 12 November 2023. Please ensure that you complete your application to the programme.

I can’t access the sign up page. What should I do?

Your experience is important to us. Please reach us at and we will be in touch in the soonest.

Working in Temus

Why work with Temus?

When Temus was founded, it was as much about building capabilities and value creation, as it was about organically developing digital talent. People and talent are central to any transformation, and the key to unlocking our larger aspiration of being a digital transformation champion and creating a sustainable future.

Join us if you want to be a part of the journey to shape the digital future, in Singapore and beyond.

What is the company’s purpose?

At Temus, our purpose is to unlock economic and social value through holistic transformation enabled by technology.

What is the work culture like in Temus?

We are an impact-driven organisation, and our people embody an entrepreneurial mindset underpinned by a collaborative and empowering work culture.

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